The Foundation

The founder:

Peter Somogyi, Director of the UK Medical Research Council Anatomical Neuropharmacology University Unit and Professor of Neurobiology at The University of Oxford received the Semmelweis-Budapest Award in 2012. In his acceptance speech he announced his wish to dedicate the ten thousand EUR prize to a foundation to be set up for supporting young talent and named after Stephen W. Kuffler (1913-1980), on the centenary of Kuffler’s birth in Hungary. Former pupils and colleagues of ‘Steve’ joined the initiative. Further generous pledges by the family, fellow scientists and the general public made it possible for the “Stephen W. Kuffler Research Foundation” to be registered with the Hungarian authorities, in Budapest.

Stephen W. Kuffler's Prime Benefactor:

Attila Várkonyi

Stephen W. Kuffler's Court of Benefactors:

Yehezkel Ben-Ari

György Buzsáki

Györgyi Feldmayer

Femtonics Ltd.

Ray Guillery

Balázs Gulyás

Michael Hawrylycz

Jonathan Katz

Edward A. Kravitz

Damien Kuffler

Csaba Lantos

Rodolfo R. Llinas

John G. Nicholls

Mihály Patai

Helga Ritzl

A. David Smith

Peter Somogyi 

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

Sylvester E. Vizi

Torsten Wiesel

Faculty of the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine,

in honor of Professor Ivan Soltesz for his contributions as Chair of the Department.


The Aims of the Foundation:

  • Promoting the development of medical- and life sciences through the support of scientific excellence.
  • Supporting the education, research and conference travel of Hungarian and Central European young scientists.
  • Awarding the Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarship for Central European students.


The Trustees:

Dr Zoltán Nusser (chair), Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Professor of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungary
Dr Ágnes Kittel (secretary) Doctor of Science, Scientific advisor, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungary
Dr Andrea Fekete, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Dr Miklos Geiszt, Doctor of Science, Professor of Physiology, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Dr Anita Kamondi, Doctor of Science, Professor of Neurology, Institute of Clinical Neurology, Hungary
Dr Ferenc NagyMember of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesResearch Professor of the Biological Research Institute, Szeged, Hungary
Dr Judit PadisákDoctor of Science, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Pannon University, Hungary
Dr János Podani, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Ecology, Eötvös University, Hungary

Scientific advisory board:

Stephen W. Kuffler Research Foundation is supported by an international Scientific Advisory Board, whose Founding Members are:
David H., Hubel, MNAS, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1981), USA

Eric R., Kandel, MNAS, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2000), USA

Edward A. Kravitz, MNAS, George Packer Berry Professor of Neurobiology, USA

Rodolfo R. Llinas, MNAS, Thomas and Suzanne Murphy Professor of Neuroscience, USA

John G. Nicholls, FRS, Professor of Neuroscience, Italy

A. David Smith, FMedSci, Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology, Oxford, UK

Peter Somogyi, FRS, FMedSci, MHAS, Professor of Neurobiology, UK and Hungary

E. Sylvester Vizi, MHAS, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hung. Acad. of Sci. Hungary

Torsten Wiesel, MNAS, 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Rockefeller Univ., USA

D.H. Hubel died on 22nd September, 2013.