Stephen W. Kuffler Research Foundation Prize Award Ceremony, 14th of October, 2022.

15th November 2016

Some images of the 2016. Award Ceremony:


15th June 2016

Congratulations to Gergo Gogl for winning the Bio-Science Award.

6th January 2016

Interviews with three previous awardees.

13th November 2015

The Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarship award ceremony took place in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

15th July 2015

Anna Molnár (Loránd Eötvös University) one of the winners of the Kuffler Fellowship in 2014 won three prestigious prizes in the XXXII. National Scientific Conference for Undergraduates.
Besides her second prize in molecular biology and her first prize in human genetics, Anna was awarded a Special prize of the Society of Gold Medalists of ‘Pro Scientia’.

29th December 2014

The award ceremony of the Foundation took place on the 9th of December in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. The four undergraduate awardees, Péter Dancs and Csilla Karóczi (Semmelweis University) Márton Mayer (Szent István University) and Anna Molnár (Loránd Eötvös University) gave short talks about the research programmes in which they made contributions. The highlight of the event was the keynote lecture of professor John Nicholls (SISSA, Trieste, Italy) “Contributions of basic science to clinical neurology”. Nicholls showed how the identification of GABA and its action in Kuffler’s lab led to the many treatments that are based on the action of this common neurotransmitter. He also gave a vivid description of how Kuffler’s discovery of the contrast opponent receptive field structure of retinal ganglion cells guided Torsten Wiesel and David Hubel in their Nobel Award winning discoveries, including the development of the visual cortex; the latter changed the treatment of childhood vision disorders. Nicholls was introduced by Peter Somogyi, chair of the Founding Members. Nicholls worked closely with Kuffler and their textbook “From Neuron to Brain” is in its fifth edition. After the Award Ceremony professor Zoltan Nusser chair of the Trustees gave a reception for the awardees, sponsors, teachers and students. The Vice President of the Academy professor Tamas Freund was also present.

24th March 2014

The Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarship award ceremony took place in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.



Julia Batki






20th November 2013

The Trustees of the Foundation have received 133 applications from five countries for the Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarship. The review of the applications is in progress. Decisions will be made by 15th December 2013 and the names of the winners will be displayed on the web site of the Foundation.

1st November 2013

Centennial symposium on S. W. Kuffler’s life and work

On 31st October, at the 100th anniversary of his birth friends, colleagues and former pupils held symposium on the life and work of Sephen W. Kuffler. The meeting was organized by the Rockefeller and Columbia Universities, in New York. Areas covered by the lectures illustrated Kuffler’s great versatility in his research. Pupils and younger colleagues, who are leaders in their field on their own right, demonstrated his excellence in education.

The S.W. Kuffler Research Foundation was represented by Professor Peter Somogyi, who in his dinner address informed the participants on the brief history and current activity of the Foundation.

Professor Somogyi’s dinner speech in New York.


Pictures of the Symposium.